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Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston Grand Trip 8th Grade,Mesivta,Yoishev / August 30


For the grand finale trip, Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston went to one of the first cities where the Frierdiker Rebbe sent Shluchim – Worcester, Massachusetts. They were hosted by RabbiMendel Fogelman, whose father, Rabbi Hershel Fogelman, OBM, came to Worcester over 70 years ago.

The rich Chabad history made the trip experience more meaningful, and gave the young bochurim a glimpse into the world of shlichus, and the history of the Rebbeim in America

The group went to the Worcester train station – the very same building where the Frierdiker Rebbe stopped and said a sicha on his way to Springfield from Boston in 1929. There the bochurim learned, davened mincha and celebrated with a chassidishe dance.

They stayed in the newly-donated Krock Family campus, which was donated by a local supporter – Mr. Barry Krock. The bochurim were enthralled as he told the story of how his family were one of the community members who met the Frierdiker Rebbe at the railroad, and how they also had yechidus at that time – and today he has the zechus to see the Rebbe’s young chassidim fill his house with Torah and avodah.

The talmidim as well had a packed trip with outings, including rope course, zip lining, go carting, race car competition, swimming, indoor rock climbing, ice skating, knockerball and much more.

The trip was coordinated by camp assistant HaTomim Levi Fogelman.

Rabbi Yisroel Levertov, director of the Yeshiva Kayitz, summed up that the grand trip showed how you can combine both the ruchnius and gashmius – giving the talmidim the best – which is the goal of Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston and they do with much success.

Week 6 in review - 8th Grade 8th Grade,Mesivta,Yoishev / August 17


Week 6 of the 8th grade/YKT division of Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston.  ENJOY

Sports Draft 5776 Mesivta,Yoishev / August 10

Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston Mesivta division sports draft

A Day in YKT 8th Grade / August 10

A day in the YKT division of Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston.  ENJOY

Week 1 In Review Mesivta 8th Grade,Mesivta,Yoishev / August 10

Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston Mesivta division Week one in review.  Enjoy

Family fun filled day in Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston 8th Grade,Mesivta,Yoishev / August 1

Visiting day in Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston was much more than that when parents drove up to see their sons.

The day was a fun filled day of excitement, fun, and really a great experience for all the families who joined the 120 campers and staff of Yeshiva Kayitz Kingston. 

Being in close proximity to Crown Heights and the Catskills region, almost all the parents came with their families to visit their son’s overnight camp. For most of the parents it was their very first time seeing the new camp grounds, and they were amazed at the vastness and sheer beauty of the camp grounds and buildings.

The grounds include over 120 acres, with 30 various buildings and cottages, lakes, air conditioned beis medrashim for both divisions, Dining Hall, game rooms and a large modern pool.

The camp grounds also boasts sports fields and outdoor areas including hockey, tennis, volleyball, baseball, football and soccer.

Providing a positive and exciting summer experience for grades 8 and mesivta age bochurim, this year has been one of the most successful years they have had yet. 

Under the leadership of Rabbi Yisroel Levertov, Camp Director, the campers have enjoyed shiurim, farbrengens, outings, BBQs, sports activities, and good wholesome meals with a great and devoted staff who have spent their summer giving their very best to the campers.

An addition to this year’s camp was a newly built canteen, which is well stocked and a delight to the campers. Head Counselors Moti Wilschansky (Mesivta) and Mendel Weunsch (Mechina) were on hand to meet the parents, as well as the many staff and faculty. They made themselves available to answer any questions the parents had and explain how the camp runs and what their sons were learning.

The visiting day activities included boat rides on the camp lakes, tours of the campgrounds and time to get to know the staff and counselors. A special activity and outing was planned for those campers who did not have family visits.

“I’ve sent many of my children to overnights camp, but never have I been so impressed with the staff and counselors as I am of Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston. They are so devoted and gave my son a complete experience, both B’gashmius and also B’ruchnius,” one parent said, as he summed up his thoughts.

Rabbi Levertov thanks the Oholei Torah Administration for their support and efforts in building the camp to where it is today. 

“Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, together with the Oholei Torah Board Members Avrohom Lokshin and Shalom Ber Rabkin have devoted tremendous energy, time and financial backing in founding and building Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston to one of the most sought after camps today available for our community,” Levertov said.




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