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A day in YKK. 8th Grade / August 16

A day in the shoes of a bochur in Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston

Zulas theme song 8th Grade / July 30


Zulas theme song:

(T.T.T.O Melech Malchei Hamlachim)

On the side of the road

He stands all alone

Waiting to meet other jews.

Why bother he says

To help other yidden

When I have so much to improve.

To his father he turns

To answer his question

Is this not a waste of my time .

Should I not work hard

Improving myself

Oh, father what do you advise.


Know, it’s not just about you

Your own things that you do

How much you can grow and progress

There’s a fire that’s burning outside

We must go and revive

a neshomma that’s stuck in distress.

As chassidim we all understand

We must lend a hand

That’s what the rebbe demands.

Through us all doing our part

We’ll touch every heart

And thus the geulah will start.


Know, it’s not just about you

Your own things that you do

How much you can grow and progress

Atzmoi's theme song 8th Grade / July 30


Atzmoi's theme song:

(T.T.T.O. Meheira)

It is known to all, on shlichus they do go Rebbe’s image

to conquer every corner of the world,

Mendy and his wife, to a place devoid of life

To enlighten every spark that may be there.

Spending sleepless nights, working till its light

All the worries that are going through his mind

Sitting in his office chair, he begins to tear

All the challenges are they too much to bear?


his mind then rolls back, Just a couple of years, sitting by a farbrengen,

somehow back then, it all seemed so clear,

The life in yeshiva although he was so young, gives him the strength he needs to carry on.

Slide show 8th Grade,Mesivta,Yoishev / July 24

Slide show of pictures, shown on visiting day

Mesivta Video Mesivta,Yoishev / July 17

Mesivta of yeshivas kayitz kingston video number 1

Mivtza Video 8th Grade / July 11


Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston 8th grade division.

Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston 8th Grade,Mesivta,Yoishev / July 4


Packed to its capacity, Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston began its third year this summer season at their new campus.

Packed to its capacity, Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston began its third year this summer season. 

When the new grounds were purchased, with the help of many friends and supporters, the overnight camp entered a whole new era, and the campus grounds anchored the Yeshivas Kayitz as a most sought after summer experience for talmidim of grades 8 and mesivta. The camp is under the auspices of Oholei Torah and its Board of Directors.

Staff, faculty, administration, and talmidim together total over 220 people, and the Board of Directors of Oholei Torah are already planning expansion for future years. Many new features were added to the camp this year, including central air and heating units in the two main Zals and dining hall, an expanded Zal for 8th Grade, updated outdoor sports areas and new furniture in the bunks.

The talmidim have settled in learning sessions, shiurim and farbrengens, making their summer experience a productive one with growth in learning and chassidishkeit. The campers have also had outings and trips, BBQ's and special surprise meals and treats. One of the recent trips were paintball shooting and Bounce On It.

This year, coinciding with visiting day, there will be a special program and recognition to those members of the community who gave financial support in making the camp a reality. Building dedications will be unveiled, and awards will be distributed. The event will be held on Sunday, July 23rd, 29th of Tammuz.

Rabbi Yisroel Levertov, Director of Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston, expressed his appreciation to the staff members and head counselors, who are giving so much of themselves to the talmidim, making it a most memorable summer experience.




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