Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston sun The Hershey & Raisy Friedman Campus

Good Bye YKK

8th Grade, Mesivta, Yoishev / August 14

Camp Dates


Wednesday, June 20th 2018
(7 Tammuz)


Tuesday, August 14th  2018
(3 Elul)

Visiting Day

Sunday, July 8th 2018
(25 Tammuz)

From 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Goodbye YKK

Bus Info

Tuesday, August 14th (3rd Elul)
Mesivta Arrival: 3:00pm  

8th Grade Arrival: 3:00pm 

Corner of President & Kingston

Pick up by Car 

8th Grade & Mesivta:Be at camp at 12:00pm


What are the bus times and locations?

The bus to camp leaves on Wednesday June 20th at 11 am with loading at 10 am from Kingston and President (in front of FREE). The bus from camp returns to Crown Heights on August 14th at 3 pm.

Can I mail a package to my son?

Sure, Our address is 201 Powder MIll Bridge Rd Kingston, NY 12401. Please address the package to Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston and have your sons name on it.




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