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CGI @ YKK Journal

Gan Yisroel at YKK / August 30
Enjoy the CGI @ YKK 2020 Journal.

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Camp Dates

Summer Dates

Wednesday, June 23rd 2021 (13 Tammuz)
- Monday, August 23rd 2021 (15 Ellul)

Visiting Day

Unfortunatly there will be no visitng day this summer.



What are the bus times and locations?

Monday, August 24th (4 Elul) Location: Oholei Torah (667 Eastern Parkway) 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Grade Arrival: 3:00pm 8th Grade and Mesivta Arrival: 4:00pm

How do i tip my son's staff members?

Please log on to your account and under services follow the option for tip staff.

Can my son be picked up the last day in camp?

No, due to Covid restriction this summer this will not be allowed.




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